We Believe:

  • That singing can improve the quality of peoples’ lives
  • That singing is a foundation for community
  • That those with experience have a duty to develop talent in the young
  • That singing is an art, as well as a joy

Our Mission is to:

  • foster and promote the art of male choral singing
  • stretch singers’ abilities
  • provide an opportunity for learning and growth in both youth and older adults
  • provide performance opportunities for younger singers beginning careers
  • enhance the foundations singers take with them wherever they sing

The OMC arose out of the desire to develop singing abilities and to exemplify the motto “Learning to Sing for Life”.

The OMC brings together singers from around Southwestern Ontario, fostering relationships among members of other choruses from around the province.

The OMC provides a performance platform for exceptional young career-oriented singers to develop and showcase their talent, and to learn under the direction of Mr. Anderson.

OMC’s additional outreach activities are directed at fulfilling these goals.  OMC performances raise money for local community causes and the choir performs for specific benefits and charities around Southwestern Ontario.

If you wish to learn more, or to support our young musicians or our causes, please send a message using our Contact Us form.