The OMC to Support The Boys in B

The OMC has committed to providing practical and resource support for The Boys in B beginning with the 2018/2019 season.
The Boys in B are a high-school student male choir comprised of current students of the Cawthra Park School for the Arts in Mississauga.  Particularly remarkable about this group is that it is 100% extra-curricular and 100% student led, both artistically and administratively.  The Cawthra Park School for the Arts is consistently rated one of the top high-schools for music education in Canada.
OMC’s support will include providing The Boys with 1-3 performance opportunities with the OMC each year, and additional performance opportunities either on their own or with other choirs.  As well, it will include access to mentoring from OMC’s director Bob Anderson, and practical organizational resources from OMC.

The OMC wishes the Boys every success in building their tradition of top-calibre student-led choral art.